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? of defense in. >> that's not even a position. he thinks he's a whacked [ bleep ]. >> now we're going into little italy right hereby. >> he was running around this jail claiming a position that doesn't even exist. so instead of being abusive and having him touched, he just let him be, just be by yourself because he's definitely not a part of my team. >> while many of the inmates stay tight lipped, it's another story with the women in the jail. >> do you want your blanket and your sheets? >> i don't want nothing. >> you got it. >> they're dramatic all together. being locked up, confined to a small unit, dealing with a lot of different personalities, females by nature are confrontational. >> i'm not mad at you. >> everyone is dealing with different situations. they're petty and this is how they release our anger. >> you are your own racist. >> she kills me over here [ bleep ]. >> while officers have grown used to these petty conflicts in the women's housing unit, some veterans on staff say lately it's been worse than ever. >> it's never brown like that. in seven and a half years we've n
call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >>> a fire out of control, and a man trapped above smoke and flames. the dramatic attempts to rescue him before it's too late are all caught on camera. >> so i just sit there. waited it out and prayed to my creator that that was it. i thought that was my end. >> april 12, 1999. a fire breaks out at a construction site in atlanta georgia. at first, the blaze does not appear to be a threat to crane operator iver sims. so he make a decision to stay put 220 feet above the ground. >> the smoke started coming out of the top of the building and i sit there because i thought maybe i would be able to help the guys, assist them to find out where the smoke was coming from. >> sims communicates what he can see to his supervisor down below. but the fire quickly goes from bad to worse. >> so this is probably one of the largest fires atlanta has seen in 25 years. it actually started generating its own wind which is close to firestorm conditions. >> construction c
of zabela. >> rasha is serving 15 years for murder. a crime he claims he committed in self-defense. >> translator: we have pigeons, various breeds, fancy pigeons. fantails, which are inside the cage right now. we have hens, peacocks, geese, roosters, and since recently, goslings. i feed them. i look after them. i don't allow a single bird to go missing. if a bird gets injured or ill, i report it to the administration. >> he told me that he could tell by the sounds of the birds the different species, what was going on with them. if they were fighting. if they were mating. if they, you know, were friends. he had -- he said he really felt he understood the birds and that they understood him. >> translator: it's relaxing to see all the different birds. we have a small pool for them here. and it's fun to watch them gather there, drink water, bathe, fly around. >> it was obvious he had a relationship with these birds. we were watching him interact. they weren't frightened of him in any way. >> along with his unique relationship with the birds, rasha had a unique living situation, as well
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3